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Al Green. An iconic figure providing a lifetime of contributions to the world through amazing music. With a thriving music and arts scene, one could wonder why the city of Grand Rapids is without a proper tribute to their very own R&B legend.

Through an open forum, Mayor George Heartwell was asked a simple question by resident Joshua Burge: How do we get an Al Green Statue in Grand Rapids? Mayor Heartwell responded by saying that if we (the people of Grand Rapids) can provide the funding, there will be a place for a statue commemorating Mr. Green.

This is where you come in. We need all of the support our city can offer in this endeavor. We are currently seeking estimates from local Michigan sculptors to determine our goal and need as many Grand Rapids citizens to hear of this page as possible. Send this page to everyone you know in Grand Rapids. Help us spread the word. This page is merely one avenue of a grassroots effort to be carried out through the coming months. We will be calling on the community with fliers, word of mouth, benefit concerts and any other means necessary to facilitate this cause. With the contributions of many, the cost will be small. Imagine a statue commemorating Al Green and his achievements. Imagine the plaque reading not of a corporate funding, rather "Funded entirely by the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Check it out! Story Featured on Mlive.com!

Only a few hours after creating the Facebook page and this very blog, we were featured on Mlive! How great is that? Just another way to spread the word! You can check out the article right HERE.

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